Just Eat It Documentary With Berlin Bistro Lunch March 6

With Dine LBC just around the corner, we’ve been crossing county lines for our dining and entertainment needs. Brunch spots, speakeasys and coffeehouses are our favorites, but locating a place to catch a good flick is something we’re always on the lookout for. Fortunately, we heard about an upcoming event that’s right up our alley.

Beginning at 11 a.m. on Sunday, March 6, The Art Theatre will screen the documentary Just Eat It. A Food Waste Story. Jen and Grant, the movie’s protagonists, are compelled to live off discarded food for six months. What the two learn about farming, foodservice and themselves makes for an eye-opening experience.

Afterwards, moviegoers have the option of visiting nearby Berlin Bistro for a lunch he’s referring to as “Root-to-Stem”. It’ll consist primarily of fresh fruit and vegetable scraps, served with edible food products normally deemed unusable (according to foodservice standards). After watching Just Eat It, we think you’ll be compelled to walk the walk. However, staying for one or the other is totally fine.

Proceeds from the movie screening benefit Food Finders, a multiregional food bank and food rescue program. They pick up donated food from multiple sources, redistributing it to local missions, shelters and social service agencies to feed the less fortunate. With a lazy afternoon planned out, all that’s left is finding a friend that’ll drag themselves out of bed on a Sunday morning. Good luck with that.

To purchase tickets for the movie and/or lunch, follow the link.

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