Join Coachella Single-Day Pass Petition Group

As we noted here, the greedy, heartless, brainless bastards behind Coachella have done away with single-day passes. 

“This petition will strive to gather as many Coachella 2010 patrons who all agree that everyone, the artists, the event organizers, the people who will work in the event in any position and even the law enforcement should be conscious of our situation,” reads the description. “Please consider this petition and make it fair for all us people who obviously want to attend but cannot afford $269 for two days, or even one day. We thank you.”

As of this posting, there were 5,658 members. 


“My heart was broken,” 22-year-old San Diego resident and petition group creator Brian Lozano said to the L.A. Times, about reading that single-day tickets would not be available. “I saw that, and I thought, 'Well, I guess we're not going to go.' I'm not really able to make it Friday or Saturday, and I was only looking forward to going on Sunday. So what can I do?”

This petition is well worth joining but, alas, probably won't change shit. That said, maybe if attendance numbers take a plunge this year, Coachella organizers will rethink 2011's ticket policy (and prices, and, hey, maybe even a better lineup). 

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