John Stossel's Stache Tour to Hit Chapman University

The John Stossel stache tour is heating up in Orange County.

As Coker mentioned, he will be making a stop at the Richard Nixon Library on April 23. Aaaaaand, later that night, the Fox Business Channel's Stossel host will be at Chapman University in Orange, giving a free talk about his new book, “No, They Can't: Why Government Fails and Individuals Succeed.”

Afterward, his stache will sign autographs.

Here's some promotional spin for the book, which is slated for release on April 10:

“With his characteristic tenacity, Stossel outlines and exposes the fallacies and facts of the most pressing issues of today's social and political climate–and shows how our intuitions about them are, frankly, wrong.  He covers such topics as the unreliable marriage between big business, the media, and unions; the myth of tax breaks; why 'central planners' never create more jobs and how government never really will; why free trade works–without government interference; federal regulations and the trouble they create for consumers; the harm caused to the disabled by government protection of the disabled; the problems (social and economic) generated by minimum-wage laws; the destructive daydreams of 'health insurance for everyone;' 'bad food' vs. 'good food' and the government's intrusive, unwelcome nanny sensibilities; the dumbing down of public education and teachers' unions; and how gun control actually increases crime.”

The talk takes place at 7:30 p.m. at Chapman's Memorial Hall.
For more information, call 714-997-6826.  Campus parking information and driving directions to Chapman:

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