Joey Racano

Photo by Mark SavageGuitar-playing environmental activist. Lives in his trailer in Huntington Beach. Plays music at local bars and at the pier, but his favorite activity is shouting at corrupt officials every two weeks at City Council meetings. Breakfast: “You can't mess with Sugar Shack; it's the best breakfast bar none,” says Joey. “They even have the Joey Special for $5.29—over-easy egg with sausage and ham. That's my own invention.” Lunch: The $6 steak special available at Zubies Dry Dock. “I get my dog washed at Super Groomers while I eat. Afterward, I go to the thrift store next door to shop for vintage wear.” Dinner: For $15.95, try the Gallagher's dinner special. “They have the best cooks—Greg and Tomas,” says Joey. “The T-bone steaks are crazy good, coupled with the best beer in town. And if you get lucky, you'll be there on Wednesday night when Joey Racano plays the guitar.” Sugar Shack Café 2131⁄2 Main St. Huntington Beach (714) 536-0355 / Zubies Dry Dock 9059 Adams Ave. Huntington Beach (714) 963-6362 / Gallagher's Pub N Grill 300 Pacific Coast Hwy. Huntington Beach (714) 536-2422 [NS]

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