Joe Rogan

You never know who might show up to a Joe Rogan stand-up gig. Fans of clever ‘90s sitcoms? He was a regular on NewsRadio. Mixed-martial arts enthusiasts? He’s the color commentator for UFC. Folks with bizarre eating fetishes? He hosted Fear Factor for years. People who liked his and Doug Stanhope’s version of The Man Show ? They might exist! Though all of the above categories might fit simply under the umbrella of “dudes,” Rogan certainly seems to be an interesting guy who isn’t shy about pursuing his interests—he doesn’t just commentate on fights, he trains in martial arts extensively, as well. He’s kept close to his stand-up roots, too, and tirelessly works to out folks he believes to be joke thieves, like Carlos Mencia and Dane Cook. That kind of makes him a hero.

Sat., June 26, 7 & 9 p.m., 2010

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