Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

Well, it's the first week of November so it's time to start peddling Christmas events—wonder how long it's going to take before people start calling Thanksgiving “Pre-Christmas.” This week marks the beginning of the holiday season and with that, Orange County theaters prepare their annual lineup of festive winter productions. South Coast Repertory's Jingle Bells, Batman Smells is a story for all ages as we we follow SCR regular character Junie B. as she enters first grade—and wouldn't you know it, she draws the name of her arch nemesis, Tattletale May, for the class' Secret Santa gift exchange. 'Tis the season for family, for giving, and for pretending to like people you really don't. And we've got two more months of it.

Fridays-Sundays. Starts: Nov. 4. Continues through Nov. 20, 2011

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