Jim Morrison, Sinead O' Connor, Sting, More to Appear on New Charity Album

Charity records often bring together oddball combinations of musicians (or semi-musicians; see Aykroyd, Dan and “We Are the World”). According to Rolling Stone, a brand-new anti-nuclear-weapons benefit album titled Prayer Cycles 2: Path to Zero will do just that. Artists ranging from Sting to Sinead O'Connor to Robert Downey Jr. (in the Dan Aykroyd role) have joined together with charity Global Zero to raise money via musical “prayers” for peace and nonproliferation.

Even some metalheads are getting into the anti-nuke act. Nu-metal singers Jonathan Davis of Korn and Serj Tankian of System of a Down will contribute their own incantations to the project, but the most surprising will come from beyond the grave. Jim Morrison, dead for 40 years now, reads his Native American-themed poem “Moonshine Night” over a musical bed composed by Jonathan Elias, the progenitor of the project. Hopefully, the benefit will help to rid the world of weapons of mass destruction while not being a complete musical trainwreck. 

Click here for more details from the Guardian about the album.

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