Jim Morrison On Being Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison never aspired to be a singer—the infamous frontman of The Doors was a writer, a poet, and an aspiring journalist who just happened to create an arsenal of amazing songs.

“Well, most songs I've written just came. I'm not a very prolific songwriter,” Morrison explained to Rolling Stone in 1969. “Most of the songs I've written I wrote in the very beginning, about three years ago. I just had a period when I wrote a lot of songs.”

Morrison realized he ultimately had the power to shape her persona by carefully choosing enticing words for the media—like religiously erotic. But his wild behavior led to a string of legal problems an addiction ultimately killed him.

Morrison was the first rock artist ever to be arrested onstage during a concert performance. He was convicted, sentenced to six months in jail with hard labor, and ordered to pay a $500 fine for indecent stage antics.

Quotation above via archives.waiting-forthe-sun.net.

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—via cinetropic.com

—via archives.waiting-forthe-sun.net

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