Jesse Rich, Singer/Guitarist of Broken Bottles, Dies at 32

Rest in peace, Jesse Rich. The singer/guitarist of of Orange County's Broken Bottles died of a drug overdose at 32 years of age yesterday evening. Rich will truly be missed by fans and loved ones alike. “The loss of someone that is like a brother to me, is far more devastating than anything that has ever happened to me,” says drummer Jason Seamans from Broken Bottles. “This is so unreal. No words can express the emotions I am feeling right now.”

Jesse, also known as “Jess the Mess” started the band ten years ago, and his music and lyrics will be cherished forever. Below, you can hear Rich play his song “Tomorrow,” about kicking his heroin habit. Sadly, he was not able to kick the drugs for good. We have lost a talented musician far too young.

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