JD McPherson Talks About Music, In Illustrated Form

If a burlesque dancer were about to perform inside a dimly-lit, mid-century modern den overlooking the Hollywood Hills in the 1950s, and needed a song to undulate her hips to, JD McPherson's 'Signs & Signifiers' would have brought all the boys to the yard.

While listening to McPherson croon blues-heavy, rockabilly ballads, it's difficult to fathom his album was recorded during this decade (or that he is a former middle school art teacher from Oklahoma).

“I think we U.S. citizens have a habit of coming up with something and then throwing it out on the wood pile pretty quickly,” McPherson told soundcloud.com. “And rock'n'roll changed pretty quickly over the course of its short life. But many folks in Great Britain and Germany… have developed a pretty strong audience for those beginning sounds.”

If you're still seduced by the sinuous title track from McPherson's debut album Signs & Signifiers, and mesmerized by plucky songs like “North Side Gal”, “Firebug”, and “Your Love”, you will have new tunes to jive to in 2015–McPherson recently announced he will release his sophomore record this fall.

You can catch McPherson in Santa Ana and San Diego this fall. Tour dates and details can be found here.

Here's what McPherson had to say about music and labeling.

Quotation above via nooga.com.


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–via npr.org

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