Jared Leto's Thoughts on Life, In Illustrated Form

It's no secret: we have a major crush on Jared Leto. (Who doesn't). How can you hate on someone who uses the pseudonym 'Bartholomew Cubbins,' after his favorite Dr. Seuss character?! He's as talented and creative as he is handsome.

Currently, Leto is abroad, touring with 30 Seconds To Mars and Linkin Park and will be returning to the U.S. to rock your face off in July. You can check out 30STM's tour dates here.

And as if Leto weren't dreamy enough, he has to go say things (ie: his acceptance speech at the Oscars) that make us believe he's even cooler than we suspected. Here are a few more gems Leto has said…

Quotation above via bigissue.com.


–via elle.com.

–via virgin.com.


–via thrashhits.com.

–via virgin.com.

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