Jack In The Box's Waffle Breakfast Sandwich: A Love Story

Let's start off by what this isn't. It's not Dueling Dishes against a McGriddle, because we refuse to eat another one of those. The waffle sandwich isn't crisp, nor Bruxie-esque either (you know you wondered, too.).

This is about one brekkie-starved writer discovering something special in a fast food meal. It's also about us mumbling, “SO GOOD!” between every greedy bite. We could be bribed to do bad things after consuming a Jack combo.

Kidding. . . . maybe.

The wannabe waffles are placeholders in our egg, sausage and cheese meal. A side of syrup is a lifesaver to such bread. We wish we could dip, but make do with pouring, and end up with a fine mess to clean. Such is life.

Now about that fried egg. It's rough around the edges, but has character and savory, nonconforming goodness we are drawn to. Not this Stepford cookie cutter of a McProtien. Melding its flavor with a dairy slice and that fatty maple sausage patty is reminiscent of solid greasy spoon fare. A crunchy side of hash brown sticks offsets an otherwise soft texture.

A Jack in the Box waffle breakfast sandwich isn't the perfect man meal, yet it manages to consume us as swiftly as we consume it, like all intense love affairs. Time is fleeting for our budding romance, so we are forced to act quickly and rendezvous often. And those coupons just arrived in the mail! Ah, it was meant to be.

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