It's The Fiorina-DeVore-Campbell Debate Drinking Game!

Sometimes, campaign flacks are kinda useful!
Case in point: the drinking game directions we received from Julie Soderlund from the Carly Fiorina for U.S. Senate campaign. Fiorina is debating Republican opponents Tom Campbell and Chuck DeVore tonight in Los Angeles. If you're going, bring a flask.

While the event won't be available for online or TV viewing till Sunday, you can prepare by reading over the game rules now. They're as follows:

Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Debate Drinking Game

Take half a sip or shot depending on your beverage preference every time: (we feel the half-shot is important to avoid total inebriation within the first 20 minutes of the debate):
> Any candidate uses the term “fiscal conservative”
> Chuck DeVore or Tom Campbell reference their respective pocket Constitutions
> Chuck DeVore and Tom Campbell compliment, praise or otherwise seek to uplift one another
> Carly says, “Chuck, you know that's not true…”
> Any candidate says they are the best one to beat Boxer

Take a full shot/sip every time:
> Tom Campbell references he was once called the “cheapest man in Congress”
> Tom Campbell references Glass-Steagall or Gramm Rudman
> Chuck DeVore says he was shot at in Lebanon
> Chuck DeVore mentions his high-tech billboard campaign strategy
> Carly talks about real world experience in creating jobs, cutting budgets and making a payroll

Extra Credit! Take two shots any time:
> Demon Sheep is referenced
> HindenBoxer is invoked
> Chuck DeVore mentions his “shorty” award
> The term “birther” is used

Of course, the game's pretty pro-Carly, so if you've got any Fiorina ticks that we should be watching for/drinking to, leave a comment.

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