Hello Kitty X Afters Collaboration Debuts This Thursday!

In a collaboration to break the Internet, Afters Ice Cream and Hello Kitty are joining forces to debut two new, limited-edition flavors this week. Vanilla ice cream with apple sauce, apple pie filling and cinnamon make up Mama’s Apple Pie. While fresh strawberries, house made strawberry swirl and shortcake bits are incorporated into a vanilla ice cream base for Yummy Strawberry Cake (our favorite of the pair). Served in your choice of Milky Bun, waffle cone or one of their adorable cups, the combinations for ordering are aplenty.

Deliciousness is scheduled to occur in all Afters Southern California locales from the 29th through August 13. Plus, the Irvine location will hold a special event opening night from 7-10 p.m. If you follow Afters, you already know what to expect next: Swag! 100 lucky folks in line will receive a free collaboration t-shirt for their loyalty to the brands. Miss Kitty herself is scheduled to be present for photo ops (and maybe some dancing, with the DJ there?). In addition to two scoops of delight, special branded t-shirts, stickers and caps will be available for purchase.

While all local joints will be serving the special duo of flavors in the cutesy cups, only Irvine’s Diamond Jamboree Afters will be the most decked out. With wall-to-wall decor, you’ll surely want to take those social media photos at this spot. Check out the pink-filled slideshow featured on our website for a better peek!

Locate your nearest location at www.aftersicecream.com.

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