Irvine is as Boring as You Make It

If you think Irvine is a boring city, take a look at the article by UCI's Aaron Elias in the student newspaper New University, and think twice!

With “Waging War Against Irvine Boredom,” Elias makes clear what most of us already know: UCI is a nerd school.


You don't decide to come here because of the epic parties you've heard about since high school (UCSB). You don't decide to come here because the campus is encompassed by a scenic forest, a great escape place to get highhhhh (UCSC). You don't decide to come here because of its football team or notorious liberal legacy (UCLA and UCB).
Bored? Grab a paddle.

You come to this college to get an education.

Who would have guessed?

You will hardly ever hear sirens in the middle of the night, see a homeless person during the day, or trash littering the street. Irvine is clean, quiet and safe. Not just safe, but named the “Safest City in America” for five consecutive years.

Some might call it boring–but don't be too quick to judge . . .

Elias challenges students to look at not only the school but the city of Irvine in a different way. And we would have to agree–If all that surrounds your apartment is a bunch of grocery stores and restaurants then take advantage of it! Sample different cultures. Take your pick of shopping at Ralphs, Albertson's, Wholesome Choice, Sprouts or Trader Joes, because they're all in a 7 minute radius from where you live.

You don't have to settle. You are surrounded by the best beaches and shopping malls in the country. South Coast Plaza and Fashion Island, anybody? Ever seen the shows Laguna Beach or The O.C.? Ya, well we (basically) live here. People travel from far and wide to come to our beaches and shop at our malls.

You are surrounded by so many opportunities, that there is no excuse for saying “I'm bored.” Go hiking at El Moro Canyon. Bike down the Newport Boardwalk. Window shop at South Coast Plaza. Say “zot zot” with school pride at UCI's next volleyball/baseball/water polo game. Eat vegan at The Veggie Grill at the University Center.

Go to a $1 movie Tuesday night at the Woodbridge Center. Have a picnic in Aldrich Park. Go to the Saturday morning farmers market. Kayak in the Back Bay. See a play at the Barclay Theater. Visit Rodger's Garden during the holiday and buy a plant.

Everything is at your fingertips–you just have to reach for it.

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