In-N-Out Calls Out Bruxie On New 'Protein Style' Sandwiches

On Monday, local waffle sandwich eatery-done-good Bruxie began promoting their new “Protein Style” burger. We took a screen shot in lieu of a mental note, but when we went online later, something was different. Subtle, but it's there. Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, you can even click on 'Edited' in the post to read the original text.

The edit got us thinking, so we reached out for an explanation. If you know your In-N-Out terminology— then you won't be surprised by the response.


Founder Dean Simon replied with the following,

“We were not aware a 'Protein Style' trademark was owned by In-N-Out. We also own several trademarks and understand the concern. We are introducing several new burger and chicken sandwiches at our Irvine location (to start), and they are now available wrapped in lettuce instead of our Bruxie waffle.

We appreciate being contacted directly, and will make the adjustment on our Irvine menu and not use this trademark in the future.”

Besides the obvious question of “Why go to Bruxie if you're not gonna eat a waffle?!”, we give Simon props to admitting and fixing a mistake. However, if you're a business with trademarks of your own, be sure to do your homework. Signed, a carnivore.

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