“I'm Not a Virgin Anymore”: The Best Overheard Quotes From Burning Man 2013

During Burning Man, Black Rock City, Nevada becomes a temporary community which comes together to host over 60,000 camping artists, DJs, rangers, volunteers and festival goers for an unrestrained, week-long celebration of culture, spirituality, art and music. With the freedom from currencies, corporate sponsors and clothing, the playa provides and endless supply of characters with plenty to say. Here's some of the best quotes we overheard while frolicking in the dust.

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“I'm ready for the apocalypse,”–a girl dressed in a viking hat and a sword at the front gate while our entrance is delayed a couple of hours.

“I'm not a virgin anymore!”–yelled by one of our camp-mates as she makes playa angels on the ground once we're finally let in.

“This is not just an event it's a spiritual journey,”–someone at the temple.

“Wow I love your outfit. Stay there so I can take a mental picture,”–a guy cruising the playa meeting new people.

“Who needs an orgy tent when you have a trampoline?!”–yelled by our friend after we took a tour of orgy tent.

“I can take your kitty for a ride,”–an older man with a kittymobile art cart as we walk by in our kitty masks.


“I've never seen so much penis, vagina and boobs in my life…it's great,”–a playa virgin at the Distrikt.

“Ohhhhh myyyy gawddddd I felt like I was fighting for my life and survival”–a chick in a sexy accent as she climbs out of the 'Balls Deep' art installation.

“I'm meeting him at the 'Brand Ur Ass' camp,”–yelled by a guy dressed as a bunny riding by on his bike.

“We're so in love and getting married,”–a couple who just met four hours prior.


“If only Hollyweird was really this weird,”–a girl outside of the Capitol Reckers building.

“Holy shit, Diplo is so hot! There would be no pulling out with his fine ass,”–a girl drinking champagne backstage during Major Lazer's surprise set on Thursday night.

“There's a slut garden? Why have we not spent more time there?”–a friend as she sees a picture of us in front of it on our camera.

“Sweetie I am not the most reliable person to answer that question right meow”–a girl who is asked by her friend if the ground was moving.

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