'If They Get Beaten, Then They Asked for It'

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The problem with new OC jail deputies is their tendency to give the inmates what they asked for [R. Scott Moxley's “Justice Takes a Beating,” Aug. 12]. There are always the few who seem to regularly get into fights with the inmates—fights always “initiated” by the inmates, of course. Working as deputies creates a brotherhood that prides itself on honesty and professionalism (the reason most of us find the Carona administration and its dirty dealings revolting). So your article was interesting, and one can only imagine what happened to Mr. Hall. I know of abuses, but Weekly readers should know the majority of deputies who work in the jail are squares and would have no part of this kind of stuff.

An OCSD deputy
Via e-mail

To the wimps, wusses, cowards, closeted fags, rednecks, hicks, morons and idiots of the OC Sheriff's Department: people know what you did to me. One of your deputies couldn't take his eyes off my body when he forced me to shower. Then a bunch of you 6-feet-tall, 200-pound armed deputies, carrying pepper spray and clubs, started a fight, ganged up and beat me, an unarmed 5-foot-6, 134-pound UC Irvine student in jail overnight. The pain lasted for a month and a half. As enforcers of the law, you should have known better than to break it yourselves. I will not rest until justice is served.

William Ngo

You guys are all bleeding-heart liberals trying to defend worthless scumbags! People in the OC jail are criminals! They should shut their mouths and stop running to your reporters to complain. If they get beaten then they asked for it by committing crimes. Don't blame the deputies!

Wife of an OCSD deputy
Via e-mail

[To the letter writer “Name withheld]: you wrote to the Weekly, “It is interesting to me how you remember to include all of the bad parts of the day but left out how Kyle Nachreiner and Keith Spann had over 40 supporters in that courtroom waiting for them to come home!” [Letters, Aug. 12]. Do you have a daughter? No? Are you one of Haidl's 14-year-old harem girls? Have you read what these sick bastards did to that girl? “Bad parts of the day”? They RAPED a girl. They shoved items inside her. What exactly were those supporters supporting? Free rape? The ability to publicly humiliate someone who wasn't even the one to press charges? Those sick assholes were convicted in spite of Joseph Cavallo's attempts to just wreck Jane Doe's soul. Thank God and no thanks to stupid idiots like you!

Jennifer Patalsky
Huntington Beach

You know who else had lots of supporters? Ted Bundy. Ever heard of him? Or were you a part of that fan club too? The only good thing about this whole Haidl case is knowing the little waste of a squirt won't be able to run for president someday. I mean, who wants a rich, spoiled, pot-smoking daddy's boy in office? Imagine the trouble we'd be in if that ever happened.

Melissa Rubio
Via e-mail

Just wanted to say how right on Jeremy Rosenberg was about the Crystal Cathedral's “Creation” show or whatever it is [“Church du Soleil,” Aug. 5]. I got dragged along by a friend who had an extra ticket, and, with the exception of a trip to the dentist, I can't ever recall time moving any slower. What's more, for the life of me, I still don't know what the point was they were trying to make. Thanks for trying to warn me.

Ron Horvath
Via e-mail

Regarding Gustavo Arellano's statement, “Would you ever see police rain bullets on a Foothill Ranch house if there was a domestic dispute?” [Ask a Mexican! July 29]: If you hole up in your house and you are white and you start shooting, the cops will take you out. The SLA had white members killed in the infamous 1974 LAPD shootout. James Beck was white, and his whole house burned down with him in it in Stevenson's Ranch in 2001 after a lengthy gun battle with ATF and sheriff's deputies. White man and sheriff's deputy killer Donald Kueck's house burned down after an exchange of gunfire with deputies in 2003; oh, and that OC bank robber shot last week in Torrance was white also. I just think most white people in OC are smarter than to start shooting at cops. The place is so expensive to live I think whites there know better.

John Harjo

Killed for having “a shaved head and brown skin”? Did Randy Weaver's wife and kid have shaved heads and brown skin? How about those 80 people at Waco? Black and brown guys usually get killed resisting arrest for dealing dope, stealing shit or killing someone. White guys get killed for moving to the country and asking the government to leave them alone. If black and brown guys would stop fucking up so much, we could fire half the cops we have. That would be fine with me. I don't like cops either.

Ricardo O'Meara
Via e-mail

Somehow in the transmission/editing of Ella Taylor's Grizzly Man review (“Where the Wild Things Are,” Aug. 12), the word “ecstatic” mistakenly became “ascetic.” The sentence should have read: “Behind many an avowed ecstatic there hides an angry, impotent little man who feels rejected by the world.”

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