If It Doesn't Fit, Don't Have a Fit

To the type-A personality in the Fountain Valley Costco parking lot who was getting his car towed: Driving a large RV in crowded OC parking lots takes a bit of planning ahead and a little extra space. So when the tow truck was blocking the aisle, and we could not back up due to traffic, yes, we parked across the three vacant spots behind the flat-bed truck upon which your car was already loaded. The tow-truck driver had plenty of room to maneuver, and my boyfriend had already exited the driver’s side to check if our parking spot was in any way an inconvenience before leaving our RV. But before he even reached the driver, you ran up to the passenger side, where I was sitting, and began a frantic rant, flailing your arms about and screaming obscenities at me through the rolled-up window. You then continued on about how you just had heart surgery and you cannot “handle this.”

Calm down a bit. Take it down a notch. A simple “Hey, I think you’re in the way, could you please move?” would work a lot better. Instead, when I wouldn’t talk to you, you dialed 9-1-1 and demanded the police come right away. I hope they cited you for abuse/misuse of emergency services. Oh, and this behavior is likely a huge contributor to your heart problems. Therapy may help more than any meds your docs prescribe.


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