I Love Poke Festival Coming June 28!

We think it is safe to say that this is the year of poke. We aren't complaining, either. Our cubed obsession can keep us cool in the heat, or spice things up with the proper dressing. And the poke festival has been ahead of the game, providing succulent seafood for the masses since 2009.

This time around, the party has shifted to Huntington Beach. And not simply to a beachside restaurant. We're talking the highfalutin' Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort.


Make it your Sunday AYCE dinner with a competitive edge as you watch local chefs work their fishy magic. On the roster: Shawn Gole of North Shore Poke Company, Julio Hawkins of Fly-N-Fish Oyster Bar, resident chef (and former On the Line subject) Ben LaFleche of Shades Restaurant, and James Harris of 370 Common. Diners will also sample a dozen other Hawaiian and Asian specialties like plate lunches, shaved ice from Hula Girls and malasadas from Dough Dough's.

Ticket inquiries and all the info you need can be found on their website. Now find your stretchiest pair of pants and prepare to poke!

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