Hybrid Culture: A night of art and music with the Basco family

Even though it rained pitbulls and kittens Wednesday evening, a ton of people were in attendance at Dante Basco Presents: Hybrid Culture and Tard N Feathered at the Dragonfly Club in Santa Monica.

If you don't know who Dante Basco is, you probably know him by another name. He was Rufio in the movie Hook. But little Rufio's long since grown up and besides acting and penning poetry, he owns and operates the Dragonfly.

I chatted up SqueekDoe, one of the MCs of Seal Beach-based group WillieWho?, which sounded great last night, even with a broken drum set. WillieWho? is: SqueekDoe on vox, Michal Alkana on keys, Jon Grillo on bass and Sevag Kazanci on Turntables. They sound suspiciously like Incubus + a DJ and a killer MC. The group was the first of four other bands that played, namely, The Love Child, Basco Bros, Marcu Pualk and the Terrapin.

Last night's gig was also a family affair, with the Basco brothers celebrating Dion Basco's birthday. Dante’s nephew performed a song while poetry was dispensed by both Dante Basco and his sister Arianna.

In the back room, Arianna's clothing line “Tard and Feathered” was featured next to Rob Flates, the designer of the clothing line “Children.”

Pictured: A) The band Williewho? and B) Left to right: Dante Basco and brother Dion Basco

Video from last night:

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