Huntington Beach’s New Speakeasy: Can You Get In? Let Us Help You!

here’s a new speakeasy in town that’s been open for under a month. And while it’s relatively easy to locate, entry is a different story. Some hush-hush spots are less difficult to access (Pie Society) than others (Five Crowns). This new watering hole requires a reservation, as the dimly-lit room seats fewer than 20 patrons.

Making beverages from the Prohibition era, Manhattans and Smoked Lemons are featured. Although if those don’t appeal, pages dedicated to herbaceous gins, balanced rums and quality malts are certainly available. We allowed our bartender to craft whatever spirit-forward cocktail he felt like, so long as it contained whiskey. He didn’t disappoint.

Containing a tighter selection of bites than the space it’s hidden within, your visit begins with a modest cheese plate. It also features a few Spam-centric delicacies to soak up your impending buzz. Our recommendation is their Spam fries— crisp taters mixed with skinny, fried slices of the porky stuff. A sweet dipping sauce keeps things from tasting like a sodium overload. There are hints throughout this post, because where’s the fun in giving you a straight address? It’s a speakeasy by the ocean, dammit.

It is found upstairs, not down. There is also no relation to a particular kitchen and bar in Rancho Santa Margarita, other than in name. Although if you figured out the larger eatery it’s housed inside, you’re half-way to a reservation. Hit up their website and click on the appropriate picture to gain the RSVP email address and make your request. Oh, and don’t even bother asking staff about access unless you actually have a confirmed res; they won’t acknowledge it otherwise.

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