Hump Day Eve with Evan Cassidy

Evan Cassidy knows bizarre and random—in fact, one might say it's where the comedian excels. His act is a “schizophrenic brand of character comedy,” which he honed in college, dropping in on parties as the Singing Frenchman—and no matter how loopy his role may be, he never breaks character. From keggers to open mic nights to the Improv stage, Cassidy knows what people want in entertainment—even if they don't know it themselves. He's even moved to film; his acting debut (as the Frenchman) can be seen in the upcoming independent movie Pablo Steel. Tonight, he presents Hump Day Eve, “the best late night Tuesday option for live entertainment in North Orange County.” See if the Frenchman shows up, or another ham from Cassidy's motley assortment of lunatics.

Tue., Feb. 4, 10 p.m., 2014

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