How Unknown Ontario Band Noise of Rumors Got Their Opening Slot for No Doubt at the Gibson

How does an unknown band from the Inland Empire get to open for No Doubt on one of the band's biggest shows in Southern California? It can't be as simple as Noise of Rumors makes it out to be, can it? In a YouTube video, the one-year-old band detailed all the steps they took to get noticed by Anaheim's fab four, which include stalking posting flyers outside No Doubt's studio, calling radio stations plugging No Doubt's latest set, Push and Shove,  performing covers of the band's most recent hits, and creating a buzz on lots and lots of social media networks. Lead singer Cyn Electric tells us how Noise of Rumors, from Ontario, Calif., got the privilege of opening for No Doubt on Dec. 2 at the Gibson Amphitheater.

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OC Weekly (Lille Bose): When did you first hear No Doubt's music?

I first heard No Doubt back in '96. I was nine, and found the Tragic Kingdom CD that my older sister left in my dad's truck. I popped it in and was in love ever since. 

Tragic Kingdom is my favorite No Doubt album. It made me
fall in love with them and I love that raw ska sound throughout.

What was it about them that attracted you to their music?

Their music was different from anything I had ever heard around that time. I was really attracted to the upbeat feeling in every song, the fantastic horn tracks, and of course Gwen's voice is just phenomenal!

Once you got the idea to open for them, were you worried that they would think you were stalking them?

That was in the back of all our minds all the time. I just hoped they saw it as something harmless and flattering rather than something they would eventually have to create a restraining order for.

How did you find out you were chosen to open for them? Did they call you? Who did you speak to?

I was actually in bed with a fever and dealing with a horrible cold when I got a phone call from a number I didn't recognize. When I answered, I heard on the other end: “This is Adrian Young AND Tom Dumont… from No Doubt” I don't think any meds could pop me out of a fever faster than that. They told me how much they loved the video we made and would love for us to open for them at the Gibson Amphitheatre, Dec. 2. I was and still am in complete shock. It's crazy waking up every morning and realizing this isn't a dream.

I've read comments on YouTube saying you guys try to copy No Doubt. What do you say to that?

I say they haven't heard our music! My band, Noise of Rumors, is barely a year old so we don't have much out there. Even though my music has been compared to No Doubt in the past, we don't sound anything like them. I think we're going to surprise a lot of people when our album is finally out.

Who else do you want to open for?

I think Muse would be an awesome band to open for, their so incredibly theatrical and complex. But we're all hoping with hard work and perseverance we'll be the band that some crazy kids are going to want to open for in the future.

Have other positive things happened because of No Doubt choosing you to open for them?

Well this interview is definitely one of them! (Laughs.) Other than this, just people from all over rooting for us and sending us their love and support. To me that's the greatest thing to come of it, old fans and new fans giving us love.

Will this be your biggest gig so far?

Most definitely! As I said before we've only been a band for about a year, so we haven't had many gigs together. We've been working on getting our set really tight and ready for recording, now we're working our butts off to get ready for the show.

What is it about Noise of Rumors that you think appealed to No Doubt?

I believe it was the passion within us all to achieve something greater than anything or anyone could have imagined. With our love of music and our drive to get out there, we proved how bad we wanted it to a band we all loved and respected. We're forever grateful to No Doubt for giving us this opportunity.

Ten years from now, we'd all like to be touring and playing our music for the world. This is what I was born to do and whether i'm playing for 1 or 1,000 it doesn't matter as long as I'm doing the one thing I love the most in life. And that's creating and playing music.

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