How to Watch the Previously Unwatchable Prop 8 Trial

Now, however, it's possible to see some of the key moments in the trial–though not exactly as they unfolded in the courtroom.

Pro-gay-rights group Courage Campaign has enlisted activism icon Cleve Jones and Milk producer Bruce Cohen to launch a project bringing together reenactments of courtroom scenes from actors–professional and otherwise–across the country. 

The website for the effort, called “Testimony: Equality on Trial,” launched today. It's already got videos featuring actors like Marisa Tomei, Josh Lucas, Michael Urie and Cheyenne Jackson (the street performer/temporary Tina Fey boy toy from 30 Rock!) drawing crowds while reading court transcripts in public places. The idea, though, is for regular folks to download scripts from the websites, film their own reenactments and upload 'em.
Irvine activist Laura Kanter tipped us off to the project when we spoke with her yesterday. She helped recruit some early participants to make videos.
“It's a powerful thing for people to read this testimony,” she says. ” It's not just about Californians and it's not just about marriage. It's about the day-to-day lived experience of people who do not have equal rights.”
June 16 is the proposed date for closing arguments in the trial to begin.

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