How to 'Test' Your Apartment-Complex Washer and Dryer

Let's say you've recently remodeled the communal laundry room at the apartment building you own, and you realize you need to test the coin-operated washer and dryer. You're fresh out of quarters? Never fear! It takes just a minute or two to get that laundry machine revving.

You'd never do this to a machine you didn't own, of course—that would be highly illegal, and you would go down deservedly—but just in case you find yourself in the situation above, here's how to do it:

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1. Get some coffee stirrers. They need to be flexible and thin enough to fit one way or the other into the coin slot. (This should really be obvious.) If your machine costs $1, you'll need four stirrers.

2. Push the coin tray in all the way, then back it out carefully, just enough to be able to see a tiny bit of the coin slots.

3. Insert a stirrer in the first slot at the lowest (flattest to the ground) possible angle, then push it in until you feel resistance. You may need to jiggle it a bit to get it to stick. You'll know you have it right because you won't be able to insert the stirrer any

farther, and it'll stay put without your having to hold it.

4. Repeat for each additional coin slot.

5. Slowly push the coin tray in. If you did it right, the stirrers will slide in with it and start the machine.

6. Pull the coin tray back out and remove the stirrers.

7. Enjoy the test!

This article appeared in print as “How to 'Test' Your Apartment-Complex Washer and Dryer.”

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