House Of Big Fish & Ice Cold Beer Introduces New Late Night Happy Hour

The House of Big Fish & Ice Cold Beer new late-night Happy Hour isn't just about rolling with the Great Recession punches and discounting stuff; we're talking drink deals each and every night. They're hooking it up with the food too, except for Fridays and Saturdays, when they know they'll be packed like a sardine can.

Before you read on, know that it's from 9 p.m. to close each night. Also, you gotta dine in and be seated at the bar for it to count. Don't even think about asking for a to-go box, either. Are you still hanging in there? Alright then, let's see what Craig Connole has in mind.

Manic Mondays give you a choice: all-you-can-eat buffalo wings or sushi rolls for the fine price of $11.95. Coors Light is $3 and a bucket 'o beers is $15. How very surf and turf of them! The standard menu doesn't specify sushi rolls, just hand rolls including spicy ahi, California (crab and avocado), spicy shrimp and soft shell crab.

Tuesdays take after the notorious taco specials you see elsewhere, but are cheaper than Rubio's. Fish or chicken, both are a buck each, paired alongside $3 Pacifico bottles. Hump day vies for your attention with oysters until they're gone. Mollusks are either served on the half shell for one dollar, or as a shooter for three. Shooter options are Bloody Mary, ceviche with tequila, or basil martini. Plus, martinis are priced at $5.

The new Friday, Thursday resembles a carb-loading dinner with a similar duo of AYCE options. Is it fish and chips or chicken and chips tonight? Either way, it's $9.95 a person. To wash all the fryer oil down, make it a $2 shot kind of night. Or get a wholesale deal with $15 Stella pitchers.

While there are no munchies on Friday or Saturday, $3 Primo bottles are in effect at the end of the work week. Mai tais for $5 are a Saturday night special. The Sunday deals sound slightly questionable with $3 Red Stripe paired with $5 Hawaiian local plates. Kalua pork or shoyu chicken comes with rice OR macaroni salad. Why not go classic and offer both, hmmmmm?

That's the rundown for you. Round up your drinking buddies and make it a weekly thing. Consider it your way of supporting a local business and saving on dinner, without the hassle of pesky coupons. Although the $1 discount that's readily available can technically pay for a taco, or half a shot….

House of Big Fish and Ice Cold Beer, 540 S. Coast Hwy., Ste. 200, Laguna Beach, (949) 715-4500;

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