Hot Pocket Dispenser For Gamers

Are you an intense-type gamer that gets lost in Call of Duty 3 for 12 hours at a stretch? Well, you've gotta eat some time, and to minimize that time away from the couch, Ben Heckendorn engineered this motorized Hot Pocket dispenser you can mount to your game controller.

A nerd named Sandwich invented a thing years ago so he can eat without leaving his epic card game, so it's not like the concept has no precedent.


We tried to sit through Ben Heck's 14-minute video explaining the how's and why's, but honestly? TL;DW. It also doesn't solve the problem of who's going to nuke your Hot Pocket and bring it from the kitchen. If you can dedicate that much time to watch the video, and build your own motorized acrylic food-dispenser you'll still have to have your mom's buy-in to deliver your “food” down to the basement.

A little local trivia: UC Irvine's Paul Merage School of Business? It's named after one of the brothers that invented Hot Pockets in the `70's, and subsequently sold the family business to Nestlé for $2.6 billion. With a B.

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