Holiday Taco Karma

My favorite taco joint in East Anaheim has an awkward drive-through approach that often causes a “who’s really next in line” scenario, many times accompanied by honking, dirty looks, middle fingers and the occasional shooting. As I drove toward the speaker-thingy, a woman in a Jeep Cherokee pulled up at the same time from the awkward approach and had to do the reverse-forward-reverse-forward bit before she could get in place. No problem. We waited mere seconds, and then got in line behind her. When we drove to the pick-up window, I passed over my sister’s debit card, and the smiling young man at the window declined to take it, saying the woman ahead of us said she had cut us off, paid for our meal to apologize and wished us a happy holiday season. Wow. Wow! My sister and I almost cried. Our society is so damned mean, selfish and soul-killing that a gesture like this is more shocking than the latest quadruple-murder-suicide. THANK YOU, dear, classy Cherokee Lady for your kindness, decency and generosity. The best part of all this was being reminded that not everyone in OC is a rude, narcissistic, imaginary rock star.


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