holiday gift ideas

In case you're not a fan of what Greg Stacy or Chris Ziegler had to say about gift-giving this week, then here's a quick note to let you know about some nifty holiday gifts for those loved ones of yours. First up? Couch guitar straps.

New Fidelity man Dan Perkins designs the straps, and currently they've got a great-looking line of silkscreened straps for not-too-much: $34.99 gets you the one pictured, and also? They're vegan. Nice.


Up next are a set of magnets designed by our very on listings gal (and really really awesome artist) Miss Courtney Oquist. Each set is a surprise and wrapped with extra special TLC. Only $15 for that special gal or guy in your life.


Also? I'd be remiss if I didn't mention these cute cuddle buddies, designed by lil' Z's buddy Brittney. $30, and your gal'll love you forever.


And finally, there's this. Just kidding. As Vickie notes: $35 can't buy you street cred. : (

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