Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Gifts For the Sweet Tooth

It's December 15–are you panicking yet? You've got 10 (actually, it's more like nine, really) days left to shop, and you really should try harder than just popping into Target for some gift cards. Luckily for you, Stick A Fork In It is in the midst of our ultimate holiday gift guide for food lovers–and this one's for the sugar-obsessed.  

Here's our round-up of five gifts for the sweet tooth in your life. 

5. Paris Illustrated Map, $38

Etsy seller LucilesKitchen features all sorts of fun prints for Francophiles everywhere. A particular favorite pays tribute to the lovely, lovely macrons of Ladurée, but this food map of Paris takes the cake (sorry)! What I'd give to have another Religieuse Rose. . .

4. Tingled Pink lollipops, $10

Etsy-er mihow specializes in homemade, handmade, gourmet lollipops. Intrigued? It gets better: The lollipops are all corn syrup-free and made with real sugar–a rarity these days, it seems. Pictured here is her “Tingled Pink” flavor, which is watermelon with pink peppercorns. If that doesn't float yer boat, test out any of her other flavors, from “Rise and Shine” (bacon and maple syrup) and the “Elvis” (peanut butter, banana) to the root beer float and the “Bake Sale” (marshmallow and Rice Krispies) Each order comes with six lollipops.

3. Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball, $19-$50

 This one is for the kid-at-heart. . . or just someone with kids. Remember making vanilla ice cream in science class with coffee cans? This is like that, but cuter. With the Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker, you can make ice cream on the go–just add rock salt and ice along with cream, sugar, vanilla (or whatever else) then shake and roll the ball around to freeze and mix the ingredients. Comes in pint and quart sizes. . . and neat colors, too. Available on Amazon!


2. Baby Cinnamon Rolls Soap, $8

 You know what gifts really suck? Candles and soap. You know what really doesn't suck? When that soap is aweeeesome. For $8, you can get a six-pack of soap shaped like baby cinnamon rolls. And yes, it smells like the real thing. Bonus? The soap is made out of goat's milk, which'll leave your skin smoooooth. Seriously, think of the packaging possibilities with this one: Pick out an old milk glass dish at the antique market, pile these little dudes on and cellophane it up with a cute ribbon. (Bonus pick: Doughnut soap!!)


1. “Everyone Poops” Print, $30

 Look at that little ice cream cone bearing forth poop. Delicious, delicious, swirly ice cream poop. (No, I totally just wrote that.)

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