Hold Steady, LCD Soundsystem, Caribou: There Is So Much Free, New, Amazing Music Right Now

This past week has been like Hanukkah for anyone in love with good, modern music. Seemingly each new day recently has seen a different and excellent band putting up their new albums for free streaming. Better than gelt!

Right now, the Hold Steady is getting my day off to a good start in the way that only the Hold Steady can do.

The Brooklyn rocker-poets' upcoming record, Heaven is Whatever, is streaming in its entirity over at NPR.  First impression: It's lush, and more promising than 2008's thudding Stay Positive.

Just prior to Coachella last week–where they sounded excellent–LCD Soundsystem put their new album, This Is Happening, on their website for complete listening. It's reportedly the brainy, self-referential dance-punk act's final album. And it's got a few classics on it for sure. 
And Caribou's new disk, Swim, is streaming at caribou.fm (you have to scroll down a bit). The electronic tinkerer wracked up an impressive 8.4 rating from Pitchfork. And some idiot who writes for the Onion AV Club liked it too.
What's more: Come this Friday, the National–who makes this writer go all weak at the knees–will stream High Violet at the New York Times. L'chaim!

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