Hip-Hop Producer Prince Paul Explores Garage Music For New Scion A/V Documentary Series

​”I just want to feel good about music again,” says famed hip-hop producer Prince Paul in a new video for Scion A/V's latest documentary series. 
Even as a well-versed music vet, he's still looking for fresh inspiration, and in this episode, titled “Grease-Dripping Garage Fest,” he and buddies Mr. Dead and Soce head to Lawrence, Kansas on a quest to find new, exciting music. 
This video stars Best Coast, The Spits, Hunx And His Punx, Humane Eye, Gaye Blades, King Khan, The Gories, and Sex Beet. Watch Prince Paul talk to Best Coast about their songwriting process and get freaked out by Hunx's crotch pins below:


Prince Paul and Scion will release six episodes in this series, which will premiere on a different site each week starting 11/21/2011. 

Episode Schedule 
Episode 1 (New York, NY): Prince Paul's journey begins in his hometown of NYC. He introduces viewers to friends Dead and Soce, who accompany him as he explores the DJ and dance music scene. Premiered on Vibe.
Episode 2 (Lawrence, KS): Prince Paul heads to Scion A/V's Garage Fest in Kansas, where he meets and interviews some of the scene's top acts and catches performances by Best Coast, The Spits, Human Eye and more. Premiered on Complex.
Episode 3 (New Orleans, LA): This time Prince Paul checks out the bounce community. Big Freedia, Katey Red and Big Choo all make appearances. 
Episode 4 (Pomona, CA): Set at Scion A/V's “Rock Fest” in Southern California where over twenty metal acts, including Morbid Angel, Bonded by Blood, Death Angel, took to the stage.
Episode 5 (Palm Springs, CA): Prince Paul and co. head to the desert during Coachella to talk house and the dance club scene with the guys behind A Club Called Rhonda, DJ Skeet Skeet and DJ Monty Luke.
Episode 6 (Palm Springs, CA, Part 2): The trio continues their exploration of the Palm Springs music scene during Coachella with interviews featuring label-DJ-party crew Trouble & Bass along with DJ Mike B, Nadastrom, Night People.

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