High rent prices make me wanna Ralph

Santa Ana residents living near the Weekly's HQ are going to have to find a new place for late night liquor runs – the Ralph's at 1523 W. 17th, near the Denny's and Target, is closing.

It's a strange sight, seeing a major corporate grocery store branch having a clearance sale, with shelves half empty. Needless to say, all the liquor is gone, though there is some cheap beer and wine still to be had. Was last night, anyway. With so many liquor vendors closing prior to midnight, Ralph's was always a last, best hope.

No longer. According to the cashier, the rent on the building was tripled, so the company decided to bail. Why couldn't it have been the Target that left? I mean, there's another Target only a few blocks away, so it's not like we'd really be losing anything.

Now I, I mean hypothetical consumers, will have to head a little further afield to Albertson's at 1720 E. 17th for the hard stuff.

Meanwhile, there are bargain groceries to be had at close-out prices.

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