Hidden House Coffee Roasters to Open Gastropub, Second Cafe in Santa Ana

Hidden House Coffee Roasters, one of Orange County's notable micro roasters out of San Juan Capistrano, is finally getting a bit more elbow room with two new developments in Santa Ana. Hidden House will gain a second coffeehouse and open a small restaurant a few doors down when they open the locations a few blocks Northeast of Santa Ana's East End. Owner Ben Briggs, 27, looks to the Santa Ana spot as a means of spreading the good word of Hidden House throughout Orange County.

“Santa Ana is the hub of Orange County,” says Briggs. “It's the center of everything and I feel like especially with the building that we've found, it's just going to be able to heighten everything we've done.”


Those familiar with Hidden House understand how apt the name is for its location. Sheltered inside a repurposed yellow and green house concealed by looming oak trees on the west side of the train station in SJC, Hidden House actually is a hidden house. That's what makes what's brewing in Santa Ana such an exciting step for these coffee masters. At 2400 sq. ft, this spot is twice as big as the original location in SJC. More space equals more coffee for all.

This location will also make way for a full-size pastry kitchen, making Hidden House one of the few roasters to produce their baked goods in house. Hidden House is here to fill the almond croissant-sized hole in your heart you never knew you had and wash it all down with a zap of their smooth espresso.

Also on the Hidden House docket is be a small gastropub-style restaurant called Knife N Glass inside Santa Ana's latest development, The Roost. Before your groans of “I've had enough of reclaimed wood tables and exposed brick” start to surface, this place has a catch: it's going to be all outdoor and the kitchen will be made out of two recycled shipping containers. A third, stand alone container will act as the actual “pub” part, offering a range of craft beer and wine.

“My goal is to be able to put out great food at affordable prices,” Briggs says. “I want to be able to make a place where locals can come maybe once a week if they wanted to. You know, where the price isn't twenty dollars for a lunch.”

Naturally, coffee will make its way into the mix and instead of your average café java, Knife N Glass will have a curated coffee cocktail list. Unlike an Irish Coffee, these coffee cocktails will not revolve around alcohol, but instead, will center on balancing various flavors for an entirely new coffee experience.

Projected opening dates lean toward the end of the year.

605 E Santa Ana Blvd. Santa Ana, CA 92701. https://instagram.com/hiddenhousecoffee/

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