Hey, You! Plant Thief

We moved recently out of our condo and had the joy of dealing with a moving company that sent a truck that was smaller than the one we ordered, so I left my homegrown, well-loved succulents on the patio to be picked up later. When I returned, one of my potted arrangements was gone and 12 of the ones I had planted in the planter had vanished. You are the person next door who had been busy planting a tropical jungle in your back yard. When I looked over the fence, I saw my 12 succulents in your planter and my potted one on your patio. I knocked on your door, heard you telling your dogs to be quiet, and saw you looking at me through the window, refusing to open the door. So I pulled every one of my succulents out of your planter and took back my potted plant. Thank you for caring for my leafy friends, but next time, just leave them on my patio with a bit of water.

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