Hey, You! Medi-Can't

You are Medi-Cal, and you suck. You sent threatening letters to my disabled relative saying she was “ineligible” and being canceled because she didn't return her packet that you didn't send. You made it impossible to call anyone who knew how to fix the problem. How about having blank forms available for the lottery winners who can find your goddamn office? Or maybe a printable version from the web? In this day and age? Why make the disabled jump through circus hoops when they can barely WALK?!? She's had to make so many phone calls and try to visit buildings by bus just to keep her medical insurance. Phones ring for 20 minutes and hang up, voice mails are full, and “New Enrollment” can only give you a phone number to call for “Renewals.” Because she was unjustly canceled, she's supposed to go to a hearing in a shitty city miles away—by bus and hobbling down the street with her walker?! I can only imagine the fate of thousands of people who are less determined or able to fight the bureaucracy.

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