[Hey, You!] Maggot Brain

We share carport space at a condo. Your trash cans seem to have a regular problem with maggots. Can’t you buy new ones that don’t have holes in the bottom? Can’t you put a lid tightly on them? Can’t you use a garbage disposal, trash-can liners, or freeze your garbage until trash day? I am really pissed-off because I spent about an hour hosing out the inside of the carport because maggots were crawling all over the place and into my side of the carport. Then, when I moved my car out, I found more maggots! I even hosed down your filthy trash cans. Disgusting! And yet you have the nerve to comment on other neighbors who gave some furniture away that had roaches in it. Well, who are you to comment on other people’s pest problems when you are the Queen of the Maggots?

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