[Hey, You!] If You Can Read This Bumper Sticker, You're Trying to Kill Me

You were the asinine, G.W. Bush-loving, right-wing fascist a-hole on the 55 freeway who wanted to run my Prius off the road for simply exercising my freedom of free speech. You may not agree with my bumper sticker (“Worst President. EVER!”), but last time I checked, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are still intact despite your imbecile president's attempts to flush them down the toilet. Listen, I realize the truth hurts tremendously, but you should really think twice before attempting to use your gas-guzzling behemoth SUV as a weapon, especially when kids are onboard. You did challenge me to pull over, and when I played your bluff, you sped away faster than can be imagined. I guess those who bark loudest don't have much of a bite, correct? Anyway, I wanted you to know that I took a picture of your license plate just in case you need to be taught a lesson. Hope you cast your vote in November's exorcism—I mean, election.

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