Hey, You! I Called You for Legal Advice . . . How Dare You Question Me?

You are the condescending, bitchy female lawyer who answered the phone after I was referred to your Orange County firm by another for a personal-injury case. I was a college student with a broken ankle, looking for someone to help me. You analyzed any innocuous comments or questions I had as if I were presenting them to you in a courtroom: “How are you going to prove that?” (If I knew, I wouldn't be calling YOU, a lawyer.) You ended the call with “I don't represent you” when I tried to ask additional questions. You made it obvious you felt I was wasting your time, and for someone who went to law school, one would think you'd have the common sense to understand that being abrupt, argumentative and condescending to people, especially someone you know is recovering from an injury, regardless of how unappealing you find the case, is not the way to build your reputation and earn potential clients. You're the reason people hate lawyers.

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