[Hey, You!] Better Watch Your Mouth . . . Payback Is a Lady

You are the frat-boy morons who party across the street every weekend. I usually ignore your drunken football-game re-enactment commentary, but what got my attention last weekend was one of you idiots joking about some meeting white people were going to have, something involving a Barack Obama-era survival plan. (I must not have gotten that invitation, by the way.).

“Slavery, dude,” your friend said.

“Yeah, ain’t payback a bitch?” you answered. “Now we’ve got Snoop Dogg in the White House.”

I just wanted to thank you and your lame-ass cracker brethren for reminding me that just because Obama won the election doesn’t mean that racism is over in this country. I have five words for you douchebags: Love it or leave it. Wait, make that two words: Leave it. Go the fuck away.


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