[Hey, You!] A Ticket for Your Thoughtfulness

You were the cop in plain clothes who showed up for a young kid's traffic trial. The crime? He allegedly “obstructed traffic” when he slowed down to hand a dollar bill to a homeless man. I was shocked that you would even waste your time giving a lame ticket like that, but shock turned to horror when I heard you tell the judge that you gave a citation to the homeless guy, too. Don't you have anything better to do? What's the kid supposed to do—ball up the dollar bill and throw it at the homeless guy? You probably would've given him a ticket for littering. How truly pathetic. I can't believe our society has sunk this low. I was really hoping the traffic-court commissioner would find the kid “not guilty,” but I should've known better. Nice lesson to teach our kids, Mr. Plain Clothes Cop and A-hole Judge. You really put that kid in his place.

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