Hey, You!

Why is it when I ride my bike to work on Brookhurst, you darn motorists don't seem to pay attention? I swear, every time I get on my bike to save a few bucks on gas, you morons seem to have a need to cut me off, give me the finger when it's not my fault, and yell at me just cuz I'm on a bike. I guess you have to let your anger and frustration out somehow since you're spending up to $100 a tank for that premium gas that your Hummers and Denalis can't live without. Dude, if you're going to be mad, take it out on something else other than me! I have a wife and three kids who expect me to come home alive every day. So do me a favor: put the cell phone down, put the Starbucks in the cup holder, open your eyes, turn the radio down, pay attention, and watch out for me and other bicyclists. It's tough enough to have to ride a bike in all this traffic, let alone having to worry every single day about getting run over by some reckless yuppie.

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