Here's Your OC Weekly Artopia Update!

It's been a whole month since we announced our upcoming spring event known as Artopia. What happens now? We offer a few more bites of what to expect on May 2.

Before we continue, let's just recap why we'll be partying down. First and foremost, our primary reason is to celebrate the 20 winners of The Creatives project. They'll be presenting interactive displays for your viewing pleasure. Our recent People Issue will also be front and center, with all the featured subjects available for lively conversation. Now that we've got that squared away, let's keep chatting about food and drink!


Luxe loncheras will represent, as Sexy Burger and California Grill Truck will be selling their specialties for those seeking big bites. In addition to our original announcement of Tamarind of London, expect additional food sampling from Anders Catering and Curry Out Indian cuisine. Have we mentioned Long Beach Jerky Co? Now we have. On the beverage front, French sodas from Diabolo will keep company with a certain Keurig truck for all those thirsty souls.

If you're cruising for boozing, never fear. Sailor Jerry, Libre Tequila, Dark Horse wine and Tatratea liquors will be pouring. While you're at it, check out Blue Moon's new Cinnamon Horchata seasonal brew. To get in on the fun, learn more and purchase your tickets at this link.

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