Here to Stay

I was standing at the counter in a Huntington Beach liquor store when you and your teenage son came in. You proceeded to walk up to my right side and invade my personal space. The only reason I can think why you acted this way is that you are a cop or you were armed and thought some nefarious activity was going on, and you believed you could be a hero. When the clerk told me I had won $30, you then tried to make conversation. You walk around with a mental profile of African-American males: Not every black male is a criminal or threat! I know there are people such as you who cling to their racist ideal in this city. I chose to buy my home here for the same reason many people do: the beach and what the city has to offer and the school my child attends. As a homeowner in Huntington Beach, I know I am a member of a small segment of the community—and Orange County. But you know what? I'm here to stay!

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