Hello Kitty Luxe Lonchera Back In Irvine THIS WEEKEND!

Hey, remember back in November when we went crazy over talk of a Hello Kitty Cafe in Orange County and a luxe lonchera rolling into town? It's been a while since they crossed into the county. . .but not anymore.

The crew running the most adorable truck since ever is gonna be back. And yes, they'll be over where the 5 and 405 like to crossover. Perhaps the only difference between last time and next time is the addition of a chilly refreshment. If you still haven't chased them down, here's what you'll want to know.


First off, it's from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Be prepared to spend a grip of money; a cutesy, bow-shaped waterbottle will cost you $3 (and that's the least expensive item). Mark this as a “cheat” day, because every other menu item is sugar, sugar and more sugar. We expect longer lines this time around, especially with a holiday weekend.

Oh, and the item being debuted is a cool serving of strawberry lemonade. A marriage of pureed berries and Meyer lemons, it'll be served in a custom, reusable cup your daughter will be wanting to drink out of for the foreseeable future. We'll take a wild guess and say it'll cost you $4. Hello, credit card!

You'll find links to their Facebook and Instagram accounts at hellokittycafe.us.

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