Hello Kitty Cafe Opens This Friday!!!

Flashback eight months ago when we were waiting as patiently as possible for the shipping container to open up. If this sighting on Saturday night is any indicator, they are all but ready for Hello Kitty Cafe mania to descend upon Irvine Spectrum. We spotted a condensed menu of cool beverages, hot Portola coffee drinks and just a few desserts to tide over curious Sanrio fans.

With an official opening date of July 15, expect lots of sweet happenings all weekend long. Rumors of giveaway swag and HK Cafe branded merchandise for sale will have us seeing pink for the rest of the summer. With built-in outdoor seating, we anticipate this area by the ferris wheel to be selfie central (and maybe a PokeStop?).

Get to know Hello Kitty Cafe by following along on their Facebook page.

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