Hello friends: Bill Cosby at the Cerritos Center on 01/13

Bill Cosby raging about his colonoscopies and Viagra took me by surprise.

Well known for his conservative, family-friendly stand up, Cosby has tweaked his act since the 1980s. But don’t get me wrong, this was no raunchy comedy. It was refreshing to hear Cosby sing the Viagra Tune “Doot doot doot, Bob is living large!!!” in between his Christian-themed jokes.

The sold-out Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts packed a crowd of all ages, although I was primarily surrounded by an elderly Christian audience. The lady behind me Amened just about every biblical reference yet got a kick out off of Cosby’s quips about zipping up his you-know-what. Her laughter was deafening, startling, but contagious. If only the chick next to me could have appreciated Cosby’s grown-up humor.

When the man says “I think my hemorrhoids fell,” after taking poison-like syrups for his colonoscopy, you laugh! Unfortunately, I sat next to Victoria Beckham’s scowling twin.


I was thrown off by his white sweater with “Hello Friends” printed across his chest in bright colors, his cargo pants and Crocs. Cosby’s come a long way since his suit-and-tie days. But hey, the man is 70 years old and persevering as a comedian. Wear whatever your heart desires, brother, and hello to you too! Just please do without the tropical stage theme. What was with the greenhouse behind him?

By far the highlight of my night was hearing Cosby utter the words “bull. shit.” towards women who feel giving birth is a gift of some sort. Ha! America’s dad? A regular potty mouth.

Eddie Murphy would have been appalled, or well, maybe proud.

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