Hell in High Heels

There's a song by country group Pistol Annies that goes, “I'm hell on heels, say what you will, I've done made the devil a deal,” and so tonight's show at the Brea Improv is perfectly, devilishly, fabulously titled. Get ready for some bad ass ladies, ready to dominate the Improv stage—headlining is the sarcastic, slightly demented, completely awesome Paula Bel, who crack a joke about smuggling immigrants across the border in her uterus with an unmatched authority. Joining her are Lahna Turner, Jennifer Murphy, and Jodi Miller (whose “men are cats, women are dogs” schtick rang a surprising bit of truth). Tonight is Hell in High Heels and it's ladies night—hell yeah.

Wed., March 12, 8 p.m., 2014

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