Hell Hath No Fury . . .

When we met, we had no chance, but destiny had a different course in mind. You quickly became my best friend, my other half, the love of my life, my everything; it was an epiphany falling for you. . . . FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE, for breaking my heart and showing me you had no respect for me or humanity in general. I gave you everything anyone could have ever possibly given to a significant other. I sacrificed friendships, family relationships, standards, even my morals to love you unconditionally. I would have gone to the moon and back; I would have been your Bonnie (even though you're too much of a pussy to be Clyde). And how do you show me your loyalty? By fucking someone else while I lived in your home! After we broke up, you came back to me, lying about her, and sleeping with me. What a great, honest guy you turned out to be. Thank you for teaching me a lesson and pointing me in the direction of real men; you are greatly, extremely appreciated. My best regards; take care, you douchebag.

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